Best Lenses for Canon 600D Filming

Best Lenses For Canon 600D Filming

The Canon 600D, also known as the Digital Rebel T3i in the US, is a Canon Camera for the entry-level EOS line-up. It sits above its predecessor, the 550D/T2i, with a host of new features, including the vari-angle LCD screen, added shooting modes, filters, HD movie capture, and a few software enhancements. The resolution sensor … Read more

6 Best Lenses for Senior Photography

best lens for senior photography

High school senior photos are an import part of the graduation process. The subject will be looking back on these photos for years to come. So it’s important that the right lens is used to ensure the photos that result are of high quality. Here we go over the best lenses for senior photography and … Read more

Best Nikon D7000 Lens Reviews & Comprehensive Guide

Best Nikon D7000 Lens & Comprehensive Guide

The Nikon D7000 marked a unique evolution in the brand’s classic D-model category. The expert or aspirant will find great value in this product due to its tremendous lens adaptability. Though this will be the main focus of this review, it is worth highlighting a few of the camera’s other assets. The D7000 could be … Read more